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About Segesta

Segesta Archeological Park.
Segesta is one of the most important cities of the Elymians, an ancient people known for its culture and tradition descendant of the Trojans. Segesta is characterized by a clearly visible Helenian style and it reached a leading role among Sicilian villages of the Mediterranean area so that involved Athens and Carthage in its remote hostility towards Selinunte. In 408 B.C after destroying Selinunte thanks to Carthaginian aid, Segesta enjoyed alternately periods of prosperity before being besieged and destroyed by Agathocles of Syracuse (in 307 B.C.) who imposed it the name Diceopoli which means City of Justice.
Later, Segesta took its original name back but during the First Punic War surrendered to Romans who, on the basis of their common Trojan origin, allowed it a tax exemption and conceded a wide territory, so that Segesta enjoyed a new prosperity. The city of Segesta was totally re-built following a micro-Asian model. The result is a very spectacular aspect. For a long time it was thought that Segesta was abandoned after an invasion of Vandals, but recent studies revealed an old – ancient period, the existence of a large village in the Muslim age, followed by a Norman-Swabian settlement dominated by a castle on the top of Mount Barbaro.
Already famous for two main monuments, the Doric Temple and the Theatre, nowadays Segesta has been living a new season of discoveries, thanks to the scientific excavations focused on restoring a complete image of the city.

About Erice

Erice is a typical medieval town overlooking Trapani situated 880 metres above the sea level and surrounded by ancient Elimi and Phoenician walls on the northeastern side of the city. There the main sites to visit are Pepoli Castle and Venus Castle, from which you can experience a spectacular skyline of the town. Pepoli Castle, founded in Saracen times, and Venus Castle, dating at the Norman era but built on ruins of the ancient Temple of Venus.

About Agorà Restaurant in Segesta

Situated a few meters distance (about 850 m) from the Segesta archeological park, with a beautiful view of the doric temple, the Agorà restaurant can accommodate up to 300 people both inside and outside.

Wednesday October 24 2018 Itinerary

Palermo- Segesta Archeological Park – Erice

8:00 Departures from Palermo
10:00 Arrival at Segesta Archeological Park
10:15 Greek theater guided tour
12:30 Departures to Agorà Restaurant ( about 850 m – 10 minutes walking distance) Address: Contrada Barbaro- 91013 Calatafimi-Segesta (TP) Website www.agoradisegesta.it
13:00 Lunch at Agorà Restaurant
14:30 Departures to Erice
15:30 Arrival at Erice and starting tour
17:30 Return to Palermo