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Past Meetings



Click here to view the pages from the 20th ESOVE
Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

Past European SOVE meeting programs, Click the title below

     20th Meeting-Lisbon, Portugal-2016

     19th Meeting-Thessaloniki, Greece-2014

     18th Meeting-Montpellier, France-2012

     17th Meeting-Wroclaw, Poland-2010

     16th Meeting-Cambridge, United Kingdom-2008

     15th Meeting-Serres, Greece-2006

     14th Meeting-Bellinzona, Switzerland-2003

     13th Meeting-Belek, Turkey-2000

     12th Meeting-Wageningen, The Netherlands-1999

     11th Meeting-Lisbon, Portugal-1998

     10th Meeting-Strasbourg, France-1996

     9th Meeting-Prague, Czech Republic-1995

     8th Meeting-Barcelona, Spain-1994

     7th Meeting-Bologna, Italy-1992

     6th Meeting-Godollo, Hungary-1991

     5th Meeting-Uppsala, Sweden-1990

     4th Meeting-Novi Sad, Serbia-1989

     3rdMeeting-Cambrid ge-1988

     3rdMeeting-Cambridge-1988 Follow-up

     2nd Meeting-Heidelberg, Germany-1987

     1st Meeting-Montpellier, France-1986