Society For Vector Ecology
est. 1968

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2014- 45th International Conference in San Antonio, Texas

2013- 6th International Congress in La Quinta, California

2012- 44th Annual Conference in St. Augustine, Florida

2011- 43rd Annual Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona

2010- 42nd Annual Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina

Conference Location History

SOVE Conf. Locations/USA Euro-SOVE Conf. Locations Euro Reg Dir

1st Mtg., Garden Grove, CA
2nd Mtg., Garden Grove, CA
3rd Mtg., Garden Grove, CA
4th Mtg., Anaheim, CA
1st Annual SOVE Conf. Fresno, CA
2nd. Bakersfield, CA
3rd. Fresno, CA
4th. U.C. Riverside, CA
5th. Fresno, CA
6th. Paso Robles, CA
7th. Monterey, CA
8th. Fresno, CA
9th. Morro Bay, CA
10th. San Jose, CA
11th. Monterey, CA
12th. Fresno, CA
13th. U.C. Davis, CA
14th. U.C. Riverside, CA
15th. San Diego, CA
16th. Salt Lake City, UT
17th. Irvine, CA
18th. U.C. Riverside, CA 11-12 Sep. Montpellier, France M. W. Service, U.K.
19th. Asilomar, Monterey, CA 31 Aug-Sep2. Heidelberg, Germany “ “ “
20th. Palm Springs, CA 29 Aug-1Sep. Cambridge, UK N. Becker, Germany
21st. U of OK, Norman, OK 20-24 Aug. Novi Sad, Yugoslavia " " "
22nd. Mesa, AZ 2-6 Sep. Uppsala, Sweden " " "
23rd. Sparks, NV 26-31 Aug. Godollo, Hungary " " "
24th. San Francisco, CA 25-28 Aug. Bologna, Italy Christine Dahl, Sweden
1st. Int'l. SOVE Congress, San Diego, CA, Congress Pres. Mir S. Mulla Postponed to next year
26th. Gainesville, FL 5-8 Sep. Barcelona, Spain Frantisek Rettich, Czeck.
27th. Fort Collins, CO 4-7 Sep. Prague, Czech Republic " " "
28th. Berkeley, CA 2-6 Sep. Strasbourg, France Maria Zgomba, Serbia
2nd Int'l. SOVE Congress, Orlando, FL, Congress Pres. Bruce F. Eldridge Postponed to next year
30th. College Station, TX 13-17 Oct. Lisbon, Portugal Isabelle Thierry, France
31st. Ashville, NC 6-11 Sep. Wageningen, Netherlands " " "
32nd. Berkeley, CA 24-29 Sep. Antalya, Turkey Romeo Bellini, Italy
3rd Int'l. SOVE Congress, Barcelona, Spain, Congress Pres. RogerEritja Postponed to next year
34th. Albuquerque, NM Postponed to next year Roger Eritja, Spain
35th. Coeur d'Alene, ID 3-6 Sept. Bellinzona, Switzerland " " "
36th. Boston, MA Postponed to 2006 Wm. Takken, Netherlands
4th Int'l. SOVE Congress, Reno, NV, Congress Pres. Andrew Spielman Postponed to next year
38th. Anchorage, Alaska
39th. Springfield, IL
40th. Fort Collins, CO
5th International SOVE Congress, 11-16 October 2009, Belek Antolya, Turkey
42nd. Raleigh, NC
43rd. Flagstaff, AZ
44th. St. Augustine, FL
6th International SOVE Congress, La Quinta, CA, Congress President William Walton
45th. San Antonio, TX, 28 September-2 October 2014